Research and Development

We keep a keen eye on emerging technologies, and often partner with research and development agencies (including CSIRO and IRL) to provide insights on what can be done. If you are involved in a scientific or engineering breakthrough, and need assistance, we can help!

Research and Development projects are very sensitive in nature. Here are some examples that are now in the public domain.

Australian Square Kilometre Array Site Testing

An international consortium has been established to research the viability of a very large telescope array that will enable astronomers to see the formation of the early universe, including the emergence of the first stars.

The Australia National Telescope Facility (CSIRO) requested a system to satisfy the international high sensitivity SKA measurement protocol and be suitably robust to run reliably in unattended operation for weeks at a time in some of the most remote areas of Australia.

NVSI created a custom system based primarily on a Rohde and Schwarz frequency spectrum analyser (FSA), and a gigabit Ethernet link to a client notebook PC running Microsoft Windows XP.

CSIRO AlphachronTM He Extraction/Measurement ,

Uranium-helium geochronology™ is a highly sensitive and cost-effective method of radiometric age dating that can be used to determine the thermal history of the Earth's crust. Helium (4He), in addition to the radiogenic isotopes of lead (atomic symbol: Pb), is a natural fission product of the uranium (U) and thorium (Th) decay series. Similar to the more commonly used U-Pb geochronology system, age relationships can be determined by measuring the concentrations of both the parent (U and Th) and daughter (4He) elements in minerals.

NVSI was approached by CSIRO to create an integrated solution, whose the task was to tie several hardware technologies together in order to help develop R&D laboratory experimentation into a commercially robust prototype. The result is a professional, industry-focused solution called the
Alphachron™ He Extraction/Measurement Instrument. Alphachron™ is an automated, integrated and compact turnkey system, designed for the extraction and measurement of gases from mineral samples.
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