January 2006

    Meet the Staff: Anthony Higgins - Senior Technical Specialist
Meet a Partner: JLE Automation
    NVSI Licences Alphachron software to CSIRO
    SKA Project Update

October 2005

    Meet the Staff: Matthew Rees - Technical Specialist
Meet a Partner: Decode Electrical Automation
    National Instruments LabVIEW 8 Released!

September 2005

    10 years as a business owner for NVSI Managing Director, Ralph Dick
More qualified staff!
    Automate 2005 Roundup

August 2005

    NVSI Helps Australian Scientists to Test Square Kilometre Array Sites
System Integration Versus Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Systems
    Visit us at Automate 2005

May 2005

    LabVIEW Advanced Application Development
    Website / Newsletter Revamp - Coming Soon!

April 2005

    NI Days 2005 - We came, we saw, we presented!
    Incorporating UML into your LabVIEW projects
    IMAQ for USB Devices Toolkit Released
    TEDS - Are you Ready?
    Website / Newsletter Revamp - Coming Soon!


February 2005

    NI Days 2005 - Bringing Test and Measurement to You
    It's Time to Start Looking Over Your Training Budget

December 2004

    What's New in What's New in Process Technology
    Static Ice - A New I.T. Related Price Comparison Search Engine
    NVSI Projects of the Year - 2004
    A Very Merry Christmas, and a Safe and Prosperous 2005 to All!


October 2004

    Further Yourself - LabVIEW User Groups
    NVSI Award-Winning User Solution - NMI 50T Load Cell Compliance Tester     Meet a Partner - Endevo
    Meet the Staff: Alex Gouliaev - Sales Manager


September 2004

    Advanced Programming: Object Orientated Programming with LabVIEW
    NVSI Us
er Solution - CSIRO AlphachronTM He Extraction/Measurement
    Meet a Partner - Adept Electronic Solutions
    Meet the Staff: Graeme Bowyer - Technical Specialist
    Position Vacant: Preferred Electronic Design Partner


August 2004

    National Instruments Release Their "M Series" Data Acquisition Cards
    NVSI Helps Telefriend Get Connected
    NVSI User Solution - Automated Object Inspection
    Meet the Staff: Laurent Raynal - Technical Specialist


July 2004

    NVSI Paper Performs at NI Oceania NI-Week Paper Competition
    NVSI Launches "FlexLog", our Multi-Purpose Logging System
    NVSI History - the Old and the New
    NVSI to Send Delegation to NI-Week 2004 in Austin, Texas
    Meet the Staff: Shirley Chester - Quality Assurance Manager


June 2004

    Two NVSI Staff Members Achieve the Ultimate Certification!
    NVSI Moves to more Modern Offices
    User Solution: National Standards Commission Environmental Chamber
    Upgrading to LabVIEW 7.1 - What's in it for me?
    Meet the Staff: Christopher Relf - National Manager (Australia)


May 2004

    NVSI Becomes Oceania's First NI Certified Alliance Partner
    Advanced Programming: Object Orientated Programming with LabVIEW
    Meet one of Our Partners - MPA Electronics
    Meet the Staff: Liam Granger - Senior Technical Specialist
    Stop Press! National Instruments Releases LabVIEW 7.1


March 2004

    NVSI - New Website & Newsletter Launch
    Congratulations to our Newest Certified LabVIEW Developers
    "Image Acquisition and Processing with LabVIEW" Book Released
    "LabVIEW: Advanced Application Development"
    Meet one of Our Partners - Adept Electronic Solutions
    Meet the Staff: Ralph Dick - General Manager

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