Test and Measurement Control Systems

This one area where we have considerable expertise. When it comes to calibrated systems we have in many cases built the actual calibration systems. In many cases these systems approach the physical limits of the measurements they perform.

National Standards Commission Environmental Monitoring Chamber

The National Measurement Institute (NMI) formerly the National Standards Commission (NSC) performs pattern approval type testing on measuring instruments used for trade purposes in Australia. This project relates to a 34m3 environmental chamber where achieving reliable controlled environmental conditions has proved difficult in the past. The NVSI solution is database driven, leveraging an existing NSC SQL database on site - which interfaces to the code using the LabVIEW database connectivity toolkit. All tables and stored procedures used in this project were created in a generic format to allow a simple transition to other projects with NSC. Temperature set points were attained to an accuracy of 0.1K, an order of magnitude of improvement over the previous system. Some filtering (modified Savitzky-Golai) was included to limit the noise produced by the rapid movement of air within the chamber. The relative humidity (RH) set point was met with an accuracy of 1%, again an improvement of an order of magnitude.

National Measurement Institute 50T Load Cell Compliance Tester

The National Standards Commission (NSC) performs pattern approval type testing on measuring instruments used for trade purposes in Australia . Part of this process involves the use of a 50 Ton Load Cell, with two temperature controlled chambers, used to test and calibrate third party load cells.

An International Recommendation (OIML R60 - from the International Organization of Legal Metrology) prescribes the principal metrological static characteristics and static evaluation procedures to follow.

The NSC requested a general improvement to the load cell and the environmental control parameters, with database control and comprehensive data logging features, which proved impossible with currently available low-cost off-the-shelf solutions. The Load Cell consists of an Inner Stack containing ten 500kg weights and an Outer Stack containing ten 150kg weights. Test loads of 50t are possible as a result of the Balance Arm, which amplifies the load using a 10:1 ratio when test objects are placed inside the Large Test Chamber.

The NVSI solution uses two RT controllers (one controlling the temperature environment of the chambers, the other providing control of the motors used to apply the load).

Production Test

NVSI develops systems for grading and sorting products. If you have a requirement for component level testing and qualification then talk to us.
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